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NEW EXPANDED Medication Offering!


Members currently enrolled with CanaRx through the My Medication Advisor (MMA) program are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in the CCMHGCanaRx program.

There is no need to re-enroll!

TO:         Eligible Members, Non-Medicare Eligible Retirees and Dependents

FROM:   Cape Cod Municipal Health Group CanaRx

DATE:    November 1st., 2017

        As you may know, your employer purchases health benefits through the Cape Cod Municipal Health Group (CCMHG). Effective November 1, 2017, the MNHG will make available on a voluntary basis to Non-Medicare HMO and PPO members a new, cost saving international mail order drug program for brand name prescriptions. The program is administered by CanaRx. CCMHGCanaRx is a voluntary program and does not replace your current prescription benefit plan.

Advantages of joining the CCMHGCanaRx program administered by CanaRx are:

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CanaRx Contact Information:

Should you have any questions regarding the CCMHGCanaRx program, please call the CanaRx toll free phone number (1-866-893-6337) with your questions.

Remember this is a voluntary program and not replacing your current prescription benefit plan.

Questions, Contact Our Customer Service Representatives Toll free at 1-866-893-(MEDS) 6337.

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